Monday, June 5, 2017

Fiber Art Garden |Modern Quilted Wall Art

Fiber Art  Garden  |Modern Quilted Wall Art | Purple Blue Pink Orange Hand Embroidery

Embellished with white buttons, many, many embroidery stitches and designs, this Modern Wall Art - "Fiber Art Garden" is created from various colored hand dyed fabrics. 
It's a risk to cut into pieced fabric, yet, I obtained a hand dyed piece recently that had batting and backing already attached. I made a few cuts and rearranged and hand appliqued additional blue hand 
dyed strips. Next was many hours of hand stitching. 
Many explain they don't have patience for hand stitching, yet and I believe it builds patience in me. 
Slow stitching is so rewarding and offers time to think and meditate. Both good for the soul and
highly recommended. 
Measuring 22 1/2 inches X 16 inches. Sewn on Hanging Sleeve - ready to Hang. 
1-2 Business Days to process. - FREE Shipping.

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  1. I really like the embroidery you added. It adds a lot of texture. I need to do something with all the strings I have saved!

  2. Oh Julie! I so agree with you about Slow Stitching! Have you seen Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday link up! So very inspiring and fun to find like minded souls! Beautiful work!